Signs your partner is not Being Honest with You


Most relationships break up due to the lack of honesty and trust Honesty can be a very big reason. If your partner is lying to you, you cannot afford to trust him. SO, in order to gain each other’s trust, you both need to be fully honest with each other. It is not easy to know when your partner is hiding something from you or being dishonest. If you want to search for your partner’s online profile, you can visit You can be blinded by love. But there are signs which you need to notice if you feel that your partner is not being honest with you. Here are those signs.

Being Mysterious

People who seem mysterious are also intriguing. This is what makes other people know more about you. However, being mysterious doesn’t always mean that you are being honest in case of dating. People are often ambiguous and this is when other people start to doubt their honesty. If you have an honest partner, they will be transparent and straightforward with you. They will look to know you better instead of maintaining their mystique.

Words and action don’t match

Regular conversation is important in order to know if your partner is being honest with you or not. If your partner is seriously interested in you but doesn’t indulge in regular conversation, then there might be something which your partner is hiding from you. If your partner is honest with you, you will know it through their words and actions.

Being evasive

If you notice your partner changing the topic of conversation, consider it as a red flag when you are looking for honesty in your partner. If your partner is responding to your question with another question, you can tell that he is avoiding being honest with you. Honesty is a form of communication and if your partner is avoiding conversation, confront your partner and talk to him.

Avoids getting into specifics

One of the easiest signs of noticing whether your partner is being honest with you or not is by talking about the specifics of any subject. If your partner is not honest, he will try to answer your question with vague answers. Your partner will look to avoid such questions as much as possible. If you notice your partner doing this often, you need to talk with him about it.


If you notice such habits in your partner, there are high chances that he is hiding something by not being honest with you.

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