Lip Lifts, Augmentation, and Reduction

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If someone wants fuller pouty lips, there are several options. One is cosmetic surgery. Procedures such as lip lifts and lip augmentation can give a man or woman larger lips. This procedure can be done on either the upper or lower lip. Lip reduction goes the opposite way – it can make the lips smaller. But like any cosmetic surgery, there are limitations and risks, so make sure you get the facts first.0.5ML LIP FILLERS | BEFORE AND AFTER | ONE WEEK VLOG 💉 - YouTube

Lip lifts are done to create the impression of a fuller upper lip. Basically, an incision is made under the nose, and then the skin is pulled up. This basically winds up revealing more of the underside of the lip, which makes it look fuller. If someone wants even more of an increase in lip size, augmentation or enhancement can be done, using implants. The implants can be man-made or human tissue. Injectable lip fillers such as Restylane, collagen or Juvederm are another option. Injectable lip fillers are materials that are injected into the lips. They plump them up and last for several months. Some fillers are made of different materials and last over a year. Fat can be used to augment the lips as well.

For someone who thinks their lips are too large, lip reduction surgery may be an option. After an incision is made, excess tissue is removed. This surgery can be done on the upper or lower lip. Lip surgery has risks, including infection, bruising and poor outcome. Since the lips are readily visible, anyone considering this wants to make sure to use a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon.

When the skin around a person’s lips becomes puckered and wrinkled, it will cause the upper lip itself to droop or even become elongated and cover the top row of teeth, causing a person to look many years older than he or she really is. However, having a lip lift procedure performed will help lift the upper lip back up to its original position, enabling the teeth to be made visible once again.

The lift procedure is a relatively quick and simple operation that is performed under local anesthesia. It will involve the plastic surgeon making a small incision at the base of the nose. Once this is done, a small amount of skin will be removed from this area. The incision will then be closed carefully and precisely by using the smallest possible stitches and sutures. This will restore the appearance of the upper lip and make the patient look quite a few years younger than before. It will also result in the patient being able to enjoy a brighter and more attractive smile.

Although it is possible to use fillers and injections such as Botox to plump the lips and make a patient look younger, the end results of these procedures can often end up looking far from natural – especially if the patient suffers an allergic reaction or the injections are not administered correctly. However, the end results of a lip lift procedure are not only a lot more natural-looking than those achieved with fillers; they are usually permanent as well – unlike fillers that will normally only last between 5 and 8 months at most. Once the procedure has been performed, it is virtually impossible for anyone to notice that it has been done lip lift or lip fillers…which is right for you?.

Although many surgeons are able to perform a lip lift, not all of them are able to provide patients with the best possible end results. As a result, it is imperative to choose a plastic surgeon who has not only performed the procedure numerous times, but who specializes in the procedure. One of the best ways to locate the right plastic surgeon will be to ask around for referrals, as this will enable patients to see the end results for themselves.

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